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The Best Movers in Austin Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Whether moving to a new apartment or into a bigger house, it’s always helpful to save some money. Get that piece of art you can picture in your new living room or pay for a few months of Netflix with the money you’ll save with our tips from the best movers in Austin.

  1. Simpler Moving can pack for you, but if you need to save some money, do the packing yourself. Allow plenty of time, have the right supplies on hand and invite a friend to help you pack. Free pizza always makes the work fly by.
  2. Boxes can be expensive. Instead of buying boxes, check neighborhood groups such as NextDoor or ask on social media. U-Haul: Box Exchange is another useful site. People who recently moved are often eager to give their boxes away rather than recycle them.
  3. If you can’t find free boxes, check sites such as BoxCycle for used boxes for sale locally. After you move, you can also use this site to sell your boxes. What a cool idea!
  4. Consider renting plastic bins, they’re sturdy, stackable, and more earth-friendly. Companies such as Bronkobox will deliver them to your home or apartment and pick them up after your move.
  5. Downsize your belongings before you move. When the best movers in Austin have less to move, you’ll save money. Sell extra furniture on Craigslist or have the satisfaction of donating your unwanted items to a local thrift store.
  6. Did you know your local dollar store often has the cheapest prices in town for things you’ll need, like packing tape, bubble wrap, and cleaning supplies? Seriously. Check it out.
  7. Instead of spending the big bucks on those fancy wardrobe boxes, use heavy-duty garbage bags to protect your clothes, blankets, and bedding.

Some of your moving expenses may be tax-deductible, so read our helpful article before you tossing your receipts.

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