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There’s an undeniable genteel charm in “Old West” Austin, from the vintage soda fountain at historic Nau’s Enfield Drugstore to the quaint antique shops on West 6th. This part of town—from Lady Bird Lake and 12th to the south and north, and Mopac and N Lamar to the east and west—has an old-fashioned feel that makes it easy to forget you’re so close to the bustling city center. And the serenity you’ll find here—from the majestic oak trees tunneling the streets to wide and welcoming porches and sunset views over the city skyline—makes it a perfect place to lay your Texas roots.

Even if you’re more of a tend-to-the-garden type than a raucous late-night owl, you’ll find plenty of recreation and dining in the vintage sophistication of “Old West” Austin. There’s Donn’s Depot—a throwback bar and dance hall set in a former train depot, and the Mean-Eyed Cat, a Johnny Cash tribute bar where everyone knows your name. Plenty of trendy cafes, formal dining, and upscale yoga studios

line the neighborhoods of these streets, where places like West Lynn and West 5th and 6th draw the crowds. And at local favorite Amy’s Ice Cream, they’ll even perform tricks before serving you seasonally-loved flavors.

The homes in “Old West” Austin are a sight to behold—whether you’re taking a drive to gawk at the historic mansions in the hills, or looking to own one of the Craftsman style stunners closer to the city. With the vibrant greenery of Shoal Creek and the Johnson Hike and Bike Trail surrounding you, the living is easy here, but it’s not exactly cheap—although there are pockets of affordable and beautiful apartments and homes here if you’re patient. And trust us, it’s worth it, because we’re convinced that Willie Nelson sang “Texas has beauty to spare” he was surely talking about “Old West” Austin.

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