Here at Simpler Moving we keep moving simple, but sometimes life has other ideas. Every season has its moving obstacles. During the winter, the cold and flu can be a formidable hurdle to getting a move done.

Good thing there are simple strategies for avoiding illness during a winter move. Here’s how!

Prepare for All Types of Weather

In most of Texas, you never know what you’re going to get with the weather during winter. As a Texas moving company with years of experience, we’ve seen it all. It’s really a play it by ear type of situation.

The odds of getting sick before your move largely depends on what Mother Nature has in store. In the weeks leading up to your move, it’s okay to obsessively check the weather. When it’s cold and rainy, stay indoors as much as possible. If it’s warm and sunny, get exercise outdoors to boost your immune system.

As the big day gets closer, make adjustments to your moving day plan as needed to prepare for whatever weather you encounter. Always plan for the worst – after all, meteorologists can’t get it right 100% of the time.


Get Vaccinated: The #1 Way of Avoiding Illness During a Winter Move

It’s a good idea to get the flu shot, even if winter is well underway. There’s a good chance it will prevent the flu altogether. If you still manage to catch the flu, the vaccination should minimize the side effects and symptoms.


Be a Germaphobe in the Weeks Leading Up to the Move

The best thing you can do during the cold and flu season is to wash your hands  – a lot. Health experts at the CDC note that, in addition to getting vaccinated, simply washing your hands often is the best way to prevent illness and stop the spread of it.

You’ll also want to avoid people who are already sick and be careful in group settings. Keep your distance from the sneezers and nose blowers.


Keep Dust and Allergens Under Control

Moving things around has a way of kicking up dust and other allergens. Since homes are closed up tight during the winter, it increases the likelihood that you’ll be hit with an allergy attack.

To avoid this situation, suck up the dust before you start packing up. Give the floors a good cleaning and vacuum the furniture and curtains. It may be a little more time-consuming, but your sinuses will thank you.


Dress Accordingly During the Move

Clothing is the best thing we have to protect ourselves from the elements. When you’re getting everything packed up and loaded, make sure you dress appropriately.

The secret is to dress in layers. You’re going to work up a sweat, but you don’t want to be overexposed. Dressing in layers allows you to stay warm and covered up without overheating. If it’s raining (or in the off-chance it’s snowing) boots, gloves and a rain jacket are absolute musts.


Try to Stress Less

There’s one last tip that will help avoid illness. Stress less. Moves naturally make stress levels rise. When that happens the stress hormone cortisol is released. Cortisol inhibits our immune system to the point that it’s harder to kick the common cold.

The best way to combat stress is to know your triggers and find stress relievers that can be used anytime, any place. For most people, packing is the most time-consuming, stressful part of the process. Investing in packing services is a real sanity-saver. And it could become a necessity if you get sick right before moving day.

Maximize your chances of avoiding illness during a winter move by letting our professional movers handle the heavy lifting. We’ve built our business around making moves as simple as possible. When you’ve got our experience and expertise moving doesn’t have to be difficult!

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