February is not the time when most people move. That distinction goes to June – busiest moving month. Historically speaking, the winter months are the slow season for moving companies.

We get it. The weather makes people want to stay inside and hibernate. After the hectic holidays, many people don’t want to take on a big project like moving. So why do some people purposely plan a New Year move?

Because there are a few distinct advantages to making a move at the start of the year.

Get a Fresh Start to the New Year – Literally

We can’t think of a better way to get a fresh start to the new year than making a move. Moves are the perfect motivation for getting rid of all the clutter and unused stuff that’s just been taking up space. Who wants to take the time to pack things up when you don’t really need them?

There’s also a lot of cleaning involved with moves. Thoroughly cleaning your old place is a therapeutic way of sweeping out the remnants of last year and ushering in a clean, fresh start.

A New Home Can Give You a New Outlook

Do you need a change of pace? Looking for a new outlook on life? Moving is a great way to gain a new perspective.

Sometimes you just need a change in your living environment to make changes in the rest of your life. It can be an empowering experience that motivates you to keep transforming life. A new neighborhood gives you a glimpse of your city you may have never seen before. New neighbors can become lifelong friends that help you through the next phase of life.

If you’ve resolved to make big life changes this year, start by moving into a home that helps you reach your goals.

There Are Upsides to Making a Move at the Start of the Year

The weather may not be 100% ideal and the kids might be in the middle of a school year, but in many ways making a move at the start of the year is simpler. And of course, we’re all about doing things simpler.

The reason moving is often simpler in winter is because there’s less activity. It’s easier to schedule services compared to the summer when everyone is moving. That means you’re more likely to get the moving day you want with your preferred movers. Storage units are also more abundant, and you won’t have to compete for trailers, dollies and other moving equipment.

Moving during the off-season can also have a financial upside. You may be able to negotiate deals with service providers that aren’t available during the high season. It may also be easier to find free moving boxes when fewer people are snapping them up.

No matter what season it is, our experienced team makes moving in Texas super simple. We’ll help you get things in order and can muscle through anything that Mother Nature throws our way on moving day.

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