This week we’re introducing readers to the team that makes Simpler Moving one of the most reliable moving companies in Austin, TX. We had a chat with Layne Norris, the owner of Simpler Moving. He filled us in on what it takes to be a great mover, what makes his team so skilled and how he got his start in the moving business.

How did you get in the moving business?

Layne: I worked for a local moving company here in Austin for about three months and quickly realized the demand for a good moving company that actually helps people with their transitions in life. It was through that experience at another company that sparked the idea for me to get into the business.

Who was the first person you hired and why?

Layne: The first few major hires I had were two drivers, Dillon Baker and Will Cochran. They have years of moving experience and know first hand how to handle a move and direct a crew.

What defines a great moving team?

Layne: A great moving team can be defined by their communication and courtesy with each other but more importantly with the customer. The ideal moving team can come to a move and make the customer feel like it’s their friends helping them. A team that can be transparent, friendly and hardworking is key to a successful move.

How large is the Simpler Moving team?

Layne: At the moment we have 8 full/part time movers + part-time operations (Jaconah Whites) and sales (Shane Harvey).

Do you have specialists or movers with a special skill set?

Layne: Will Cochran, Dillon Baker, and Jacob Drewry all have special skill sets in creating specialty types of furniture for that extra level of protection.

What makes a mover a true professional?

Layne: Being a professional mover means knowing how to wrap and move furniture safely along with stacking a truck safely and efficiently. The ability to handle difficult situations with a customer and certain circumstances that make a move much more technical proves that you’re a pro.

How many years of experience does the team have collectively?

Layne: Collectively we have over 20+ years of experience between our guys. Our clients know they can trust a team that’s been moving that long.


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